Wednesday, November 28, 2012

13th Street, Philadelphia, Pa

It started with a surprise call from our future client who was looking for a dining table.  The ensuing relationship produced a magnificent table and many more beautiful works.   
The arched legs were fabricated utilizing the technique of bent lamination. We bent the thin strips white oak around a form.  Once the glue dries, it creates a very strong and stable leg.

From there we continued to design wonderful pieces for this home.  

Next was a monolithic, floating concrete vanity with an integrated sink.  Made with GFRC, a sprayable concrete, it only weighed about 50lbs!  Sleek and modern with an earthy, touchable feel.

After that, we salvaged, refined, and installed 3 floors of reclaimed pine stair treads.

    An oak wine rack...                              A bamboo and oak coat rack...

    A couple of reclaimed pine steps...

    And a reclaimed pine minimalist bed.

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rick ward said...

Looks like a fantastic project!